Wednesday, May 18, 2011

*Wow! That's A Really Bad Game*

I love video games but like movies some are great and others are like plan 9 from outer space...horrible (and not the good kind of horrible in my opinion). Maybe its just me but I have come to notice a saddening trend amongst the flood of new releases that storm the market each year. While graphics evolve at a rapid pace and new genres emerge from time to time there seems to be some essential missing ingredients in many new releases. So what's missing?...Fun & Depth! Where did the fun go? You may find yourself drowning in CG and a long bland storyline before the game even starts and when the game finally starts it may not be immediately intuitive and dreadfully lacking originality. Kinda like a bad imitation of one of your favorite games. Why is this so? I'm sure there are a lot of different factors involved but bad movies are mostly blamed on the producer, director and writers and the same applies to video games. So why do so many modern games lack in depth? Because they are not immersive. For a video game to be immersive it must have great a story, great characters, great design, It should be entertaining, relatable, spontaneous, and speak indirectly to the human condition. Before I purchase a game and invest my time and money into a new experience I read reviews and not just one, I read a lot. Check out, and for reviews. Also check out which is a great site if your looking to buy hard to find video games & consoles.


  1. 1. Plan 9 is good, but bad good.

    2. Fun & Depth does still exist - look at Limbo, Portal, Mass Effect, Bioshock, Red Dead, Pac Man DX ...

    3. There will always be bad games that depend on big graphics and explosions to sell, the videogame equivalent of Michael Bay.

  2. Plan 9 was a bad movie and a bad game in my opinion...I love Limbo, Portal & Bioshock but there are so many bad games released which make for a horrible ratio of hit and flop, not to mention a flooded market.

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